Monday, July 16, 2007

Sales & Trading

I just found a nice "banking vs consulting" resource that I wanted to share: Angel Angie is an LBS MBA student who switched from consulting to Sales & Trading. She posted a consulting week-in-the-life (one that is actually insightful for a change), and two posts (here and here) on her new S&T life, which she seems pretty happy about.

S&T surely has its appeal. Work far less hours, for essentially the same pay as i-bankers in corporate finance. Downside is that, compared to corp fin i-banking, S&T gives less mobility if you want to break out of finance again one day (so I've been told), and, from a personal perspective, Kellogg is hardly a feeder school for S&T jobs.

Today I've registered for Finance as a core course for my first semester. That will help for i-banking interviews. If I decide to do them, of course.


MBABlogger said...

No we did not meet at DAK as I did not attend it.

Yes I am are excited about starting school. Getting ready for KWEST and finishing the visa formalities.

Never imagined there would be so much to be done before starting school..the list is endless :) But I am surely enjoying the break.

Hope you are having a great time too!

Anonymous said...


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Would be great if I could get some queries answered from you!


Anonymous said...

Sorry, that should read !